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ILC Registry API

Registry API

Sometimes can be necessary to work with ILC Registry API. Of course, you can do it via HTTP directly, but we recommend doing it via class RegistryApi which provides convenient capabilities to work with ILC Registry, e.g. retrieve some data, etc.


discoverApps can by useful for instance when you use Parcels. Instead of hardcode app names - you can group apps with some keywords (discoveryMetadata), retrieve in runtime via discoverApps and render them.

import { RegistryApi } from 'ilc-sdk';

const registryOrigin = 'http://localhost:4001';
const registryApi = new RegistryApi(registryOrigin);

// retrieve apps by discoveryMetadata field which should be rendered at some specific place
registryApi.discoverApps({ greatestApp: true })
.then(apps => {

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